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Its possible to change your username if you have a premium account.  This may work smoothly on premium servers, but name changes does not work on cracked servers.

If you do decide to change your username, you will lose your town/rank/money etc. You will have a fresh start on the server if you change your username.


We will not be restoring ranks/money/town ownerships,etc for those that decide to change their name

SammyLePlatypus I'm one of the victims XD
Laponica's Weekend Event
Hello Everyone. 
Its that time again for the weekend event (Lasts Friday [Feb 27] to Sunday [March 1] ).
This weekend enjoy Quadruple McMMO XP
On both Factions and Towny servers
Have fun! :D
Monthly Top Voter Reward
Towny Server Only
Hello Everyone, 
We will now be rewarding the monthly top voter with 100 points that you can either save up, or spend on anything in the donation shop that requires point to purchase.  We will be adding more items soon
Have Fun
Laponica Staff

Laponica is now up and running version 1.8.1

Laponica is now a survival PvE server, with Towny, McMMO, and a Dynamic Economy.

Relax, Build, Chat, Enjoy.


jashaungrewal Awesome! Glad the servers back up again:D
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